One thing i quite enjoy is demolishing old electronics, sometimes just for fun on the end of the Marx Generator but more often for salvage of parts.

Demolition Remains

Recently i have been destroying a couple of laser printers and fax machines, i have found that these are really good sources of stepper motors, gears and pullys. Some other things i have salvaged parts from are CRT monitors. From these you can get some decent capacitors, transformers and good heavy duty wire.

One thing to always remember when salvaging parts is that capacitors and some other electronics components can store energy for quite a long time so don’t take any chances and discharge capacitors with a resistor network or at least a well insulated screw driver (not always a good idea though)

Finally always disconnect the device from the power, then remove the power cord from anything you have been demolishing this way it cannot be accidentally plugged in. As much fun as sparks are you will not be popular if you throw out the power or kill someone.

Happy demolitions!

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