ATMega8 Development Board

Sitting in the workshop one afternoon i was playing around with with an Atmel ATMega8L and decided that the breadboard was getting old. This is the results of my frustration.

The Task

Develop a small PCB that has an ATmega8L, regulated powersupply, Reset Circuit and expansion options. This is the result

ATMega8L Development Board

The board has several main features:

  • Regulated Power Supply
  • Reset Circuit
  • Option for external oscillator
  • ISP 6-pin Header
  • Power Header
  • All I/O on headers.
  • Power LED

Below you can see the circuit diagram which shows these features in sections.

As part of the original plan i wanted this board to be as small as possible, i was able to make this 77x33mm which is great for intergrating within other projects, such as the Serial Temperature Sensor

The PCB layout can be seen below, the blue tracks are the bottom layer, red track are the top and the yellow is the silkscreen.

In the future i would like to change the microcontroller to SMD and add in a usb programmer. This will proberly happen when i get board next.

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