Unimig Inverter 190 – Review

Just over a year ago I bought a Unimig Inverter 190. This is a MMA/MIG/TIG inverter machine with a maximum output of 190A.

Unimig 190

This post details some of my personal experiences with the machine, things i like and dislike about it as well as the failures and shortcomings I have found of the machine.

It came with all the accessories you would need to get started other than gas and the consumables.

  • Argon Regulator
  • SB26 MIG Torch
  • MMA Electrode Holder
  • 4m Earth Lead

A noteworthy point, I am not a professional welder nor have I had any formal training in this world I am a hobbyist.

I bought this machine with the intention to transport it around to do jobs, hence is small form factor was quite appealing. As was the fact that is is single phase. Other features that made it quite appealing were:

  • Ability to take 4.5kg rolls of wire
  • Run gas or gassles mig
  • MMA Funcation
  • DC TIG Function
  • Digital Readout for Voltage and Current
  • Step-less Wire Feed

When I first got the machine I was running 0.8mm Gasless MIG wire, this is something I regret now. Gasless is messy, produces some not so nice fumes and costs quite a bit. It is however fantastic for jobs out of the workshop or in wind. Hence i still keep a roll of Gasless wire on hand.

I have since started running Argon Mix (after a few mistakes along the way) and the machine is much nicer.

MMA Function

The MMA function of this welder is amazing, the quality of the welds is excellent in DCEN and DECP and it is extremely easy to switch the polarity by swapping the leads on the front of the machine.

The digital Ammeter is easy to read and allows for precise setting of the welding current. I have happily run E7018 4mm electrodes from this machine, and it happily keeps up.

MIG Function

As i have previously stated, this machine has the ability to run Gas or Gasless MIG. The MIG function is quite smooth, and produces excellent quality welds.

The downside… the duty cycle of the MIG function of this machine is quite low and no where near as high as the manufactures data states. I have now blown up┬áthe voltage regulation board of this machine twice in less than 18 months and neither time was the machine pushed even close to the stated maximum duty cycle.

TIG Function

After having this machine for 12 months I picked up a SB17V TIG torch and started playing with Scratch Start TIG welding. I watched a few videos on Youtube by Welding Tips and Tricks and was able to run beads pretty quick.

The TIG function is quite limited on this machine. The duty cycle is limited by the torch and as there is no solenoid for the TIG torch in the power source you need a torch with a valve in built.

As a Scratch Start DC rig, this machine is excellent and is extremely stable even at lower power.

The Good

This machine is an excellent option for a hobbyist or home user. The ability to run the 4.5kg rolls of wire means you arent restricted to the $20 rolls of 0.5kg wire and can run the cheaper larger rolls. Being able to run gas or gasless wire is a nice option especially if you aren’t using this very often and don’t want to spend the money on buying an Argon cylinder.

The MMA function is amazing, to the point were I bought a Unimig Arclite 160 as a backup machine. As the arc stability is second to none on their machines.

The option to run DC TIG is really nice and has come in handy.

The Bad

As previously stated, the duty cycle of this machine is not as stated by the manufacture. The machine has died twice in less than 18 months on the MIG Function. Both times it was well under the stated duty cycle. This did not affect the MMA/TIG funcations as it was the Voltage regulation board that failued which is only used for MIG

Thankfully Unimig have good service and have repaired the machine both times.

Final Thoughts

Firstly, Would i buy this machine again? Probably not, i would buy a bigger model such as the Unimig 250K.

This machines is ideal for a home user or light repair work on the farm. But don’t expect to do any major fabrication or do too much on anything bigger than 3mm thick material with the MIG function.

So if your after an all rounder for home use, this is a good option.

Finally, I will probably end up buying a bigger machine but there is is an excellent chance it will be a Unimig.

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