Milling Angle Plates – Part 2 – Machining the Faces


The second stage of the project involved machining the surfaces parallel. Thankfully for this stage of the project I remembered to take more pictures.

This stage of the project was used to teach me more about machining hence, it took about 10 times longer than it should to program the job. However it was worth it as i learnt quite a bit about both fixturing, feed rates and programming the machine.

The machine is a Mitsiki vertical machining center running the Siemens 810D controller. It takes up the vast majority of the workshop and required a crane to install.



Its a nice machine, would be nicer with a bit more modern controller. Maybe one day in the future.

The two brackets were set on the table. They were clamped on some makeshift parallels. The tops were skimmed manually using the MPG and the sides were programmed.



The parts were both roughed and then a final finishing pass was done with an additional 0.25mm taken off and a 5mm depth of cut. This left a reasonable finish which will be more than suitable for their intended use.


The edges were chamfered using a 80mm 45 degree cutter. The parts were flipped over and the opposite site was skimmed. The remaining burs were removed with a file.


The pictures don’t really do them justice, as they greatly exaggerate the tool marks. In reality the parts are quite smooth and will work fine on the machine.

Part 3 will be the drilling and tapping of the mounting/fixturing holes and the final finishing of the plates.





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