Solidworks Rendering Milspec Connectors

A while back i needed to some nice pictures of some Mil-C 26482 connectors. Sadly at the time I didn’t have any connectors that weren’t covered in dirt and grime. Hence I did a 3D model of them and used the Photoview 360 in Solidworks.

Higher Resolution Render

Amphenol PT06SE14-12S-PG

PG13.5 and Spacer
PG13.5 Nylon Gland and Mil Spacer

The textures used were from the default toolbox provided in Solidworks. The Knurled surface was made from a circular pattern of 2 extruded cuts (you need a decent CAD machine to be able to deal with this many features in your model).

The models were dimensionally accurate and were used for developing training documentation.

A couple of tips if you want to do this:

  • Get a good set of digital vernier calipers
  • Get a digital height gauge
  • Check 3d Content Central to see if someone has modeled the connector before
  • Dont bother wasting your time asking Amphenol for models, they wont hand them out.

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