Two Workshop Upgrades – TIG Stand, Grinding Wheel Rack

TIG Helper

When cleaning up my workshop I discovered that I had quite a few small pieces TIG filler laying around, I also had no where to put my TIG torch between welds. This provided a good excuse to do a quick little project out of some scrap.

More pictures after the break.

So what I needed was something that could:

  • Hold the TIG Torch
  • Hold short lengths of TIG filler
  • Hold the filler that is currently being used.

A quick look through the scrap bin and I found some off cuts of 50x50mm SHS and some flat plate. A couple of MIG welds and a few more pieces of scrap and the stand was complete.

TIG Helper SIde


I welded another piece of SHS to some flat bar for holding onto Stick electrodes.

Electrode Stands

From there I found some off cuts of 10mm round bar, and a piece of 30mm flat bar. The round was welded to the flat at 150mm spacings and on a slight angle. A couple of screws to attach this on the wall and I finally have a convenient place to store all my grinding discs.

Grinding Disc Rack

I am currently working on some larger projects, so hopefully I will find the time to post more in the future.


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