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The time has come that i have run out of shelving in my workshop again, hence here is an article about building your own shelves.

This project covers the construction of a set of heavy duty steel shelves for the workshop. This project will follow through the design of the shelves using SolidWorks through to the actual construction of the garage shelves. All of the design files are available at the conclusion of this project.


The shelves are built using 25x25x1.6mm square tube, this was chosen due to it being fairly inexpensive (roughly $1.60AUD per m) and it being strong enough to suit the project. The design of these shelves allows for the use of heavier walled tube as well as larger sections of tube. I will be using for the shelves 16mm MDF but you could use plywood or anything else you wish. I use MDF as it is cheap and for what i want it is more than strong enough, the only downside is that MDF needs to be sealed with a primer otherwise moisture can cause swelling of the board.

What You Need:

For this project you will need the following equipment:

  • Metal Cut-Off Saw (Grinder with cut-off wheel can also be used)
  • Grinder with Grinding wheel
  • MMA Welder or MIG Welder – With safety equipment
  • Welding Magnets
  • Large Set Square
  • Measuring Tape (Metal Type)
  • Large Metal Ruler
  • Wire Brush (or Grinder with Wire Cup Brush)
  • Painting Equipment
  • Wood Saw

Material needed for this project:

  • 25x25x1.6mm Square Tube (approx 50m or 8 lengths)
  • 16mm MDF Sheeting (2 x 1200x2400x16mm Sheets)
  • Etching Metal Primer
  • Wood Primer
  • 2.5mm Welding Rods or MIG Wire to suit

The Design:

As stated in the introduction of this project, I constructed a SolidWorks model of the project. This was mainly done to brush up on my SolidWorks skills at they were starting to get a bit rusty, but also to give people a decent set of free plans for garage or workshop shelving. The following are a set of plans showing the dimensions, the layout and a cutting list of what is required for the construction of these shelves.

Shelve Frame Plans PDF Download

Shelve and Top Plans PDF Download

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