ATMega32A Breakout Board

The objective of this project was to create a microcontroller breakout board that can be embedded into projects. I designed a board very similar to this one around 3 years ago however at the time my PCB design skills were almost non existant, hence the revised version. The new board has several new features which add value to the design and make this board a great all rounder for embedded applications.

As this is a fairly simple project with very little circuitry i will not be going into great detail. The following is what you need to know about the project.


  • Uses the ATMega32A
  • All I/O Ports broken out to screw terminal headers
  • ISP6Pin Programming header
  • I2C Header broken out seperatley
  • 5v Supply Via 2 way screw terminal block

The following graphic details the locations of the connections within the board layout.

Insert graphic of connection layouts

The breakout board is not limited to just the ATMega32A. It is also compatable with any of the ATMega family of microcontrollers which share the same pin layouts. Such as:

  • ATMega32
  • ATMega32L
  • ATMega16

Im sure there are other compatible microcontrollers however these are the controllers i have tested.

The following is the circuit for this project.

The following is the PCB artwork

As there really isn’t much to this circuit im not going to do a circuit analysis.

If you would like the Altium Designer files associated with this project they are available for download Here.