1.5A 5v Regulated Linear Power Supply

Here is quick power supply that was designed for use within the Lab Power supply project (Still a work in progress). This 5v Supply is to run all the logic, Microcontroller and LCD within the unit. Attached at the bottom of the page is the PCB and SCH file.

The power supply takes an AC input from a transforemer. When selecting the tranformer ensure you check the maximum and minimum input voltage of your regulator. The KBU604 Diode Bridge rectifys the AC signal to a fully rectified signal. Capacitors C13, C8, C9, C10 then filter the input to a DC sginal. This is then fed into the regulator which drops the voltage to 5v. Diodes D9 and D11 are to protect the regulator from voltage spikes. C12 and C11 are for AC ripple rejection on the the rectified signal.

The PCB was made to fit within the LAB Power Supply, Hence the odd shape and layout. Enough room was left around the regulator to fit a small heat sink. This is required as under load the regulator can get quite hot.

Further thoughts. This PCB should be suitable for various regulators, As long as the input range is suitable for the transfomer. The design is untested for any other regulator than the 7805 but there is no reason that others shouldnt work.

Following is a link where you can download the project files for this power supply:

Download Project Files

Anyway I hope this is helpful to you.