Building a Work Bench

Recently i bought myself a bench top drill press, only to discover my workbench was too high for it and i didnt have enough room. I decided that i simply needed another work bench. Below you can find a small work log of the process i use when building work benches.

The bench i am building in this log was made to match my previous work benches. This one however is shorter and not as long as the rest, this making it the ideal size for my drill press.

The workbench is 800x800x700mm (LxDxH). My previous workbenchs were build to fit into my trailer they are 1800x800x900mm (LxDxH).

The Build

This build starts the same as every other, with a design. Once the Design is done i then cut the metal to size, This bench uses:

  • 8 x 736mm (32mm RHS)
  • 4 x 700mm (32mm RHS)
  • 1 x 800x800x16mm MDF Sheet
  • 1 x 800x600x16mm MDF Sheet

Step 1: Cut and Debur Steel

I cut the steel using a metal cut off saw, this having an abrasive blade leaves burs on the edges of steel. These edges make it difficult to get the bench square, and weld.

Using a bench grider i removed the burs, this can also be done with a file or a hand grinder.

When using a bench grider or an angle grinder to do this job it is important not to take too much material off, as this can make welding slightly harder.

Step 2: Layout Frame

Once i have finished deburring the steel, i layout one end of the bench on a flat concrete floor, this allows me to align and square up the end ealisy. I use welding magnets to hold the frame in place whlist tacking.

When tack welding the frame, dont make the weld too big that you cant bend the frame. The whole idea of tack welding something is so you can move it to make it square.

Step 3: Weld Frame

Once the frame is tacked and square, i then completely weld up the end.

Once you have welded the end, make another exactly the same. Always ensuring the frame is square. I use a large builders square for doing this, they are cheap and avaliable from most hardware shops.

Step 4: Grinding

The whole point of grinding the welds is to make it possible to get the cross braces flush with the leg. Saying this i only grind the welds that need to be ground.

Step 5: Final Welding

once i have ground the requried welds i tack the frame in place then finish welding everything else on the frame.

After welding the frame i then prepare the metal for priming, using metho. After priming i then screw the the top and shelf on using self drilling screws.

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