Air-Stream Woolsheds Online!

After two days of slaving woolsheds is now connected to the Air-Stream network. Machspeed, ZadZad2 and Myself spent our time fabricating and modifiying an old windmill tower for use with microwave wireless equipment.

Air-Stream Woolsheds is now connected to Air-Stream Gulfview Heights, which makes it currently the longest link in the Air-Stream network at 42km. We hope to connect this site to Air-Stream Hillbank, and later on this week it should also be connecting to Air-Stream Galwer-South.

The build started at 11:30am satruday morning, with about an hour of standing around trying to figure out what we were going to do to mount the antennas and routerboard on the tower we eventually came up with an idea. The sound from a drop saw and grinders echoes across the adelaide plains as we worked away at building a mount to house 3 x parabolic grid antennas. As easy as it may sound to build the mounts it is quite difficult attaching them to the top of the mast at around 12m, Machspeed spent a total of around 11hours up the top of the tower over the weekend. I managed to go up and down the tower over 60 times, needless to say there are a couple of sore Air-Stream members today.

Sunday morning brought on an earlier start at around 10:00am within an hour we had mounted 2 antennas and begun to mount the third. A couple of extra stabilizing mounts were made to help keep the whole rig stable. By 12:30 there was three antennas mounted a routerboard and Machspeed had already clocked 2 hours up the tower.

After powering up the routerboard some scary results emerged, we couldnt see any air-stream accesspoints. After high altitude phone calls, it was confirmend that Hillbank was down, and we would have to make further modifications to get the main backbone link higher. Once the tower had been extended we could once again find Gulfview Heights.

The site is now connected and running, Later on this month we hope to add a link to Hillbank, upgrade to 5ghz to gulfview heights and add an access point so all those members out in the adelaide plains have a chance at connecting.

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