Solidworks Rendering Milspec Connectors

Monday, July 25th, 2016
A while back i needed to some nice pictures of some Mil-C 26482 connectors. Sadly at the time I didn't have any connectors that weren't covered in dirt and grime. Hence I did a 3D model of them and used the Photoview 360 in Solidworks. Higher Resolution Render

Amphenol PT06SE14-12S-PG Read More

MIG Welding – Argon vs Argon CO2 Mix

Thursday, July 14th, 2016
This article is what I wish I knew before I spent $600 on a Argon Cylinder (Twice). I like to think of it as learning the hard way. Speedshield52 This covers my recent experience with Argon vs Argon Mix for MIG welding and buying two gas cylinders. After about 12months of suffering Gasless MIG wire, inhaling the fumes and cleaning up so much splatter I bit the bullet and bought an Argon cylinder on recommendation of a work colleague. Sadly this didn't quite… Read More


Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
One thing i quite enjoy is demolishing old electronics, sometimes just for fun on the end of the Marx Generator but more often for salvage of parts. Demolition Remains Recently i have been destroying a couple of laser printers and fax machines, i have found that these are really good sources of stepper motors, gears and pullys. Some other things i have salvaged… Read More
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